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What Are Knee Walkers and What Type Is Best For Your Needs?

For individuals who are recovering from foot or ankle injury or surgery, amputation, or ulcers of the foot, a Knee Walker is a great mobility alternative to crutches.Why is it necessary to have an alternative to crutches?From personal experience, I can tell you incorrectly utilized crutches can cause pain. You are supposed to put [...]

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How Do Disposable Adult Briefs or Undergarments Work?

Adult incontinence products have been developed over many years to provide clean and odor neutralizing skin and cleanliness protection. How do these products perform these functions?These products are designed with several layers. The layer closest to the skin performs the function of wicking moisture away from the skin. There are several layers [...]

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Folding Collapsible Compact Mobility Scooters

There are two groups of compact scooters. There are those that disassemble for transporting and others that collapse and fold but remain in one or two parts. This article focuses on Folding Mobility Scooters.Folding Mobility Scooters (FMS), are light weight, collapsible and convenient to use, mostly by persons who have difficulty walking. They are compact [...]

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Canes are relatively simple medical devices that can allow individuals to maintain their independence by safely navigating in today's fast paced world.Cane SizingThe first thing needed to achieve proper functionality with a cane, but often overlooked or downplayed, is proper sizing. If the cane is wooden, place it handle down, next to the foot on [...]

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