Red Triple Wound Folding & Adjustable Carbon Fiber Walking Cane

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MA WS-7409DS

Derby Handle Triple Wound Carbon Fiber Walking Cane

4 Section Foldable Cane is easy to pack or take where you need it

Adjustable Height to suit you

Color:  Burgundy (Red)

Used on high performance products such as Formula Race Cars and high end Tennis Rackets, Carbon Fiber Graphite is a high quality material that is both lightweight and strong.  Walking canes manufactured out of this material are durable, easy to carry, and provides excellent support.  

    * Lightweight
    * Very Strong because it is made of Carbon Fiber Graphite
    * Manufactured by the triple process that is methodically done by hand by wrapping  a mesh of carbon fiber strands         over the shaft of the walking cane.  This makes it stronger and also adds a very unique snake skin look to the finish when viewed under light
    * The triple wound method is used to  make extremely strong items such as high performance tennis rackets and the body of formula race cars.  The shaft's carbon fiber material also gives this walking sticks a unique texture and style.       The sophisticated silver ring collar adds the perfect touch.
    * Unique look with a beautiful texture
    * Rubber Tip
    * Adjustable Height

   * Folds for easy transport and storage


    * Height is adjustable from:  33.5 to 37.5"
    * Weight Capacity:  300 lbs.
    * Weight of Cane:  Less than a pound, about 14 ounces
    * Color:  Burgundy (Red)

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