Silver Self-Standing Heavy Duty Offset Handle Walking Cane, 650 lb. Weight Capacity

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SM-060004 SSQ
852899 002913
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Self-Standing Silver Lightweight Heavy Duty Offset Handle Walking Cane 
650 lbs. Weight Capacity
Comes complete with Quadurple Cane Tip
Constructed of high quality stainless steel, this lightweight bariatric canes feature a self-standing tip, comfort foam grip, and an innovative new coating as beautiful as it is durable. The cane comes equipped with a Quadruble CaneTip and an optional wrist strap. This bariatric walking cane is constructed with advanced reduced weight steel, and is fully adjustable!
Features of the Cane:
*  Lightweight bariatric cane
*  650 lb. Weight Capacity
*  Constructed with strong and quality stainless steel material
*  Comfortable and durable foam hand grip
*  New coating systems for stainless steels
*  Reduced product weight compare with other steel bariatric canes
*  Removable strap
*  Replaceable Grip
*  Product height adjustable: 31" to 39"
*  Rubber tip size:  3/4"
*  SM-060004 SSQ
*  UPC 852899 002913
*  Color:  Silver
Features of the Cane Tip:
*  Lightweight and sturdy rubber tip
*  Compact design allows ease of use on stairs
*  More easily navigate uneven terrain or loose surfaces such as sand and gravel
*  Base features non-slip. enhanced traction design
*  Stands on its own--- no more retrieving fallen canes!
*  Enhances user stability, and reduces fatigue associated with stress impact to hand, wrist and elbow
*  Tip dimensions:  4" W by 4" L
*  Color:  Black
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