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4 Wheel Scooters & Accessories

4 wheel electric scooters offer more stability but may weigh more and have less maneuverability than 3 wheel mobility scooters.  They range in size from compact travel or foldable scooters to standard size scooters to extra large power scooters.  A full range of accessories and parts are available, too, including Sealed Lead Acid and Lithion Ion batteries.


Compact scooters are the best of both worlds – stable, but also easy to transport and store. Even though they are lightweight, due to their four point grip on the ground they offer the same good balance as their heftier counterparts do. Portable mobility scooters of this type disassemble easily and may be folded, making them perfect for trips or small homes.We have many models and brands available, including Drive Spitfire EX, Bobcat, Phoenix, Dart, Shoprider Scootie, Merits Pioneer 1 and 2, EvRider Minirider and Transport, FreeRider Luggie, Solax Mobie, and Heartway Passport.


Heavy duty medical mobile scooters with 4 wheels are the best solution for you if you’re looking for comfort and stability over flexibility. They run at faster speeds and can carry more weight than other scooters due to the structure of their frame – four wheels means more stability, thus more speed and security that your scooter will not let you down when you need it the most. Their seat placement makes them more comfortable than other types of scooters. Their heftier frame and four wheels make them harder to maneuver in small places and trough obstacles, but that is compensated by their sturdiness.We currently have in stock many scooters from which you can choose, from all the top manufacturers like Drive, Invacare, Shoprider, and many more.


If you’re spending a lot of time on your scooter, you will want to maximize your comfort by using accessories that will increase the scooter’s range of usability and functionality. They come to enhance your familiarity with the machine, and can help you feel right at home while on the move.We have in stock all kinds of accessories, from cup holders, baskets, seat back bags, and armrest totes, to high-quality covers, and many more scooter accessories that will make your scooter even a more useful mobility aid.


Somewhere between compact and heavy duty, these scooters are the perfect size for the average Joe who needs something to take him from point A to B quickly. They have the best of both worlds – they are as comfortable to ride as heavy duty scooters, but they have the ease of transport only paralleled by compact scooters. They are the perfect blend of comfort and flexibility, while also providing a heightened degree of stability.These are perfect first time scooters until you figure out what suits your needs best. If you need more information on what scooter is best for you, don’t hesitate to call us.