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3 Wheel Scooters & Accessories

Three wheel scooters can open up your world and give you the mobility you’ve been missing.  They offer great maneuverability, helping you move with ease in all kinds of spaces and around obstacles in your path.  3 wheel scooters also have more legroom than 4 wheel models.  We have in stock many different kinds of 3 wheel scooters to meet the needs and wants of every person, from heavy duty bariatric models to light weight transportable ones at all price points and in many colors.  Because there are so many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, you are bound to find a scooter to suit your requirements, taste and match your personality.  

You can further customize your scooter by choosing from our large assortment of accessories designed for mobility scooters including cup holders, cane holders, trailers, seat backpacks and more.  
We have battery powered scooters of different types:  folding mobility scooters, travel mobility scooters, heavy duty bariatric medical scooters and many more.  You can pick and choose the scooter that works best for you and make it even better by equipping it with the right accessories for you and your lifestyle.


Compact scooters are the best solution if you don’t have a lot of space available in your house or vehicle. They are easy to transport due to their light weight, and can be stored almost everywhere due to their smaller dimensions relative to other scooters. Their weight makes them easier to maneuver than other scooters, because it allows them to be more flexible and move faster. Disassembly of these compact 3 wheel scooters is not complicated due to the intuitive way in which the pieces go together – they break down into light, easy to lift components that anyone can carry around and handle.


These scooters are standard-sized – they are not as small and flexible as the Compact, nor as hefty as the Heavy Duty variant. However, they have more comfort built in them, such as captain’s seats instead of regular ones, and more safety features.They are the perfect choice if you can allow them to take a bit of space, and you don’t need to cross rougher terrain, valuing comfort and flexibility over size and run time. They make good first time scooters, until the user realizes what is best for him.


For those who use mobility scooters, accessories come as a way to enhance comfort and familiarity with the machine. They make a useful product even more useful, enhancing its features and range of usability. Thus, scooter accessories allow you to be more comfortable, carry more, protect yourself and the scooter itself, and so much more.The modification possibilities are endless if one chooses the right accessories. We currently offer seat backpacks, armrest carriers, tiller and rear baskets, mobility scooter covers, canopies, and equipment carriers.