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Electric Wheelchairs
Power Wheelchairs sometimes called Electric Wheelchairs, or Power Operated Vehicles (POV) come in different sizes and weight capacities. They are very maneuverable and turn like a bar stool. Their turning radius is small and power wheelchairs are best suited for homes, and other indoor areas.  

Sealed lead acid replacement batteries for mobility scooters, scooters for the disabled and power wheelchairs are rechargeable. They can power a vehicle up to approximately 20 miles between charges. There are different sizes such as U-1, Group 24 and 22NF. Different power wheelchairs use different size batteries.  

Seat and Back Cushions for wheechairs, power wheelchairs and mobility scooters are made in different sizes and different materials mostly foam and gel/foam combination. They are covered with a non-absorbent, water repellant, washable cushion case such as nylon or polyester. They are used to aid in comfort and prevent skin problems.