Power Wheelchairs

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Power wheelchairs, also called powerchairs, are wheelchairs that don’t require the assistance of the user to move from place to place. They are propelled by means of an electric motor. Because of this, these types of wheelchairs are perfect for those who either can’t propel themselves in the wheelchair, or aren’t willing to due to various reasons. They are also useful over rough terrains, or long distances that would require a great amount of manpower.Electric wheelchairs are not only for people with mobility impairments, but also for people with cardiovascular and fatigue based conditions that have issues over larger distances.Electric wheelchairs are sturdy and heavy-set, to accommodate the engine, and they offer great stability to the user.We have a great selection of electric wheelchairs from known brands in our stock.


Manual wheelchairs are the “classical” type of mobility aids, powered by the strength of the user. These types of wheelchairs are more affordable than electric ones, but they require that the user be either strong enough to propel himself/herself to and from certain locations, or that they have a caretaker to push them and maneuver their chair for them.These types of wheelchairs can be either rigid or foldable, made from lightweight materials that reduce their weight to maximize mobility.We have a vast array of wheel chair types in stock.


We offer you a wide array of mobility transport, from the lightweight to the sturdy, to offer you the maximum comfort possible.This type of transport is best used if it’s a temporary situation, as it’s not as expensive as other, more permanent options such as scooters or wheelchairs. This type of mobility transport is mostly used in a medical setting, for those who will possibly regain mobility in a relative short amount of time, and don’t need something to use forever.Mobility transport can be lightweight or heavyset, and thus the end user should chose something that works best for him and his situation.Our mobility transport offer is varied and includes all price ranges. We have pediatric, geriatric and bariatric chairs available for all needs and patients.


Due to the nature of wheelchairs, people who use them often spend a major part of the day, if not all day, using them. Because of this, proper wheelchair accessories can make the difference from comfort to multiple inconveniences during the day.We offer you a great variety of wheelchair accessories to maximize your comfort, allowing you to never miss anything while in your wheelchair. We have an extensive stock of all possible accessories available, from batteries and led’s, to tote bags and carriers that will allow you to not have to carry things in your lap. We also offer high quality canopies to protect you from natural phenomena while you’re out and about in your wheelchair. We have in stock O2 tank carriers as well, for the users who need such medical equipment at hand.