Black/Gray Special Ops Adjustable Length Carbon Fiber Cane

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Office WS-7299-BK
Derby Handle Carbon Fiber Walking Cane, in Special Operations

Adjustable Height
Derby Handle

Burlwood Design in Color:

Black/Gray (WS-7299D-BK)
Textured finish, goes around the cane
Color changes with light directly on it, looks lighter gray--- Interesting effect
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Carbon Fiber Graphite is a high quality material that is both lightweight and strong.  Carbon Fiber is a popular material used to make composite components for a new generation of fuel-saving products and is being developed as an earth conscious material.  Many golf clubs and high performance racing cars and bikes are now made of carbon fiber.  It is strong and has an extremely low flex fatigue over time.  It is non-flammable and stable in the environment.  Walking canes manufactured out of this material are durable, easy to carry, and provide excellent support.  

    * Lightweight
    * Strong

    * Unique look with a beautiful Swirl texture with a Black handle
    * Rubber Tip
    * Adjustable height to customize it to your needs


    * Height is adjustable from:  33.5 to 37.5"
    * Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.
    * Weight of Cane:  Less than a pound
    * Color:  Black/Gray 

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