350 lb Weight Capacity Portable Scooters:  Which One Is Right For Me?

350 lb Weight Capacity Portable Scooters: Which One Is Right For Me?

Posted by Richard Cohen on 19th Feb 2019

There are many people that want a portable mobility scooter that they can carry in a car trunk and also can hold a person that weighs up to 350 lbs. These three scooters match that definition. Below we compare and contrast the specifications and features of the Drive Phoenix HD4, the EWheels M41 and the Golden Buzzaround Xtreme. All three are portable electric mobility scooters which can carry 350 lbs.

Phoenix HD4

This scooter is available both in three and four wheel versions. For simplicity, we are only discussing the four wheel handicap scooter, however, the three and four wheel versions are very similar. The total weight of the scooter including batteries is 132 lbs. and when taken apart, the heaviest component, the front half of the base, weighs 46 lbs. The seat measures 17.5” x 17 (297.5 sq. in.) the narrowest, but not the smallest. The smallest is the M41 which is 270 sq. in. The good features of this scooter are the high ground clearance 3.75”, the cost $1199 and the warranty that includes parts for two years and labor for one year. The not so good points are the maximum distance between charges, 15 miles, and the 4 mph top speed. This scooter is also available with a 20” wide seat. Included is a 13 month warranty with in home parts and labor on the drive train and electrical components and lifetime on the frame. It has a front headlight but no taillight.

Golden GB118D Buzz Extreme

Great for taller folks over 6'! Smoother ride with Spring Suspension, wraparound Delta Tiller, new LED battery gauge and ultra-bright LED headlight, offers EXTENDED leg room and foot space, a 350 weight cap and larger batteries for extended range. This scooter has the longest range between charges because of the larger 36ah batteries. Its 4” ground clearance is higher than the other two mobility scooters. Unfortunately, only an 18” wide seat is available. This is the most expensive of the three, but probably the most rugged with the most legroom. The Buzzaround EX has an LED head and tail light and LED battery gauge. The 36 ah batteries are the largest among the three heavy duty portable scooters which means it can go the longest between charges. The scooter also has delta style handle bars, a newly designed heavy duty transaxle and metal tiller adjusting knob.

EWheels M41

This is the newest light weight portable mobility scooter. It has a comfortable 18” wide seat, and like the others, it can transport 350 lbs. using two 22 ah batteries. It can travel up to 5 mph and go up to 16 miles before recharging. It is the lightest of the three, weighing only 137 lbs. and the heaviest part is only 37 lbs. which is lighter than the other two. Of the three mobility scooters reviewed, it is the least expensive. However, the warranty falls short and only covers parts, not labor. (A labor warranty is available for an extra charge.) This portable mobility scooter is equipped with front and rear LED lights and suspension on the front wheels. It has an on-board charger which is less desirable than a separate unit. The ground clearance is 2 inches, which is lower than its two competitors.