Add Light to Your Wheelchair, Walker, Rollator or Cane for Safety

Posted by Stacy Cohen on 3rd Nov 2015

In low light situations, it is important to be visible.

See and be seen!

Drive Medical has a small product that adds to the safety in a big way for users of wheelchairs, canes, walkers and rollators. It is the Light & Go Mobility Light. It is a very useful both inside and outside.

The Light & Go fits on mobility aids that are constructed out of tubular steel, aluminum or carbon fiber. It does not require you to hold it, use is hands free. It runs on two standard AA batteries and has an off and on switch. It attaches onto a tubular part on your mobility equipment and has foam padding for a secure grip and should not damage the finish on your mobility device.

The Light & Go serves as a headlight, lighting your path so you can see better in low light conditions. The added benefit is that you also can be seen. When you are traveling outside on the street or sidewalk, pedestrians and motorists will see your Light & Go and your visibility should protect you from accidents.

Click here to see the Light & Go

We also have another LED Light that attaches to tubular parts on your wheelchair, scooter, cane, walker or rollator and it looks like this:

It comes two lights to a pack, in 3 colors:

Click here to see White LED Lights

Click here to see Red LED Lights

Click here to see Black LED Lights

If you have any questions or comments, let us know.