Can You Take Your Scooter or Power Chair On An Airplane?

Posted by Stacy Cohen on 2nd Nov 2015

We are often asked if it's OK to bring my scooter or power chair on a plane. The

batteries that are installed in your power operated vehicle (pov) are sealed lead acid.

The operative word is sealed. They will not leak or spill just like the battery in a

car. They can be taken on a plane, bus or cruise liner, both international and

domestic, and shipped with all trucking companies.

If you are ever questioned by a ticket agent or other employee who tells you otherwise,

here is the technical information:

Sealed lead acid gel and AGM batteries are made with captured electrolyte and are

declared by DOT to be non-spillable in 49 CFR 173.159 a (d) of the hazardous materials

regulations. As such they are excused by the DOT, IATA, ICOA and IMDG from compliance

with the hazmat shipping rules. Portable applications where non-spillable batteries are

used are free to travel by any means desired.

What was just written pertains to lead acid batteries. Some POVs are powered by lithium

ion batteries, especially the scooters that fold. What is true for lead acid batteries

is also true for the lighter weight lithium batteries.

So, yes, you can take your Power Chair or Electric Scooter on an airplane.