How To care For Your Skin Or The Skin Of Someone You Are Caring For When Using Disposable Undergarments

Posted by Stacy Cohen on 23rd Dec 2015

Feces and urine are hard on the skin, and the resulting skin irritation is very uncomfortable. It does not matter whether you are caring for a baby, child, or adult. The following are tips for preventing skin irritation for individuals who are incontinent.

1. Disposable briefs, diapers and undergarments are designed to "wick away" as much of the potentially irritating feces and urine as possible, but it is still best to change into a fresh diaper often.

2. Clean the skin and make certain to clean into any skin creases thoroughly. You can use mild soap and water, but avoid harsh soap and cleansers.

3. If you use a washable washcloth, use it only once before machine washing it in hot water to prevent the growth of bacteria.

4. Disposable wipes can be used and can be beneficial because they clean and moisturize the skin. Disposal is simplified if you use flushable wipes.

5. Use a concentrated barrier cream for long-lasting protection from bodily fluids and it may moisturize the skin at the same time. Follow the directions from the manufacturer for the best protection.

Let us know if you have any further questions concerning skin protection.