The Many Uses of Underpads

Posted by Stacy Cohen on 6th Jul 2015

Underpads for protection of furniture, beds, surfaces

Underpads are pads or sheets which are designed to absorb fluid and protect the surface they are placed on. They may be made of material that is expected to be thrown out after use or made of material which can be washed repeatedly after use. They are very useful and the following are some of the ways our customers have reported they use them.

1. An Incontinence Aid or Other Fluid Protection--- Often used on beds, cribs, on wheelchairs, sofas and other furniture to protect against damage or stains from bodily fluids or other spills. Good for use during home births. After surgery, giving birth, or during illness they can keep your surfaces clean.

2. Baby Care--- They can be used in cribs, playpens, changing tables, or other places your baby may spend time. When you are out with your child, you can use an underpad as a changing pad, providing a clean place to change your child wherever you are. Additionally, they can be used in your lap while holding your child or on your shoulder as a burping cloth or spit up cloth. Also, you can put them under a high chair for easy clean up after your child eats. Helps in potty training.

3. Pet Care--- Can provide a clean surface during whelping or other animal birth, and an alternative to newspaper for your pen for young puppies. Use them while house training your puppy. Good option for sick pets, keeping surfaces clean and you can either wash a reusable pad or throw out a disposable pad. Underpads can keep your kennel clean and easy to clean, for any type of animal. Makes travel with pets easier, too.

4. Storage and Shipment--- Can be used to protect objects, provides a padded, low cost and soft material.

5. For Use in Plumbing--- Helps keep surfaces dry.

6. Crafts--- Can be used on your working surface to protect from spills.

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