What Are Knee Walkers and What Type Is Best For Your Needs?

What Are Knee Walkers and What Type Is Best For Your Needs?

Posted by Stacy Cohen on 2nd Jul 2015

Types of Knee Walkers

For individuals who are recovering from foot or ankle injury or surgery, amputation, or ulcers of the foot, a Knee Walker is a great mobility alternative to crutches.

Why is it necessary to have an alternative to crutches?

From personal experience, I can tell you incorrectly utilized crutches can cause pain. You are supposed to put most of your weight on your palms, not your armpits. Also, if the hard upper part of the crutch is where you put your weight, nerves in your arm and armpit can be compressed and can cause a sensation of either numbness, paralysis or tingling.

Knee Walkers are a type of scooter designed to provide mobility to individuals who are unable to place their weight on both legs. These walkers have four wheels, a place to place their knee on the injured leg, and handle bars. The pad is upholstered to protect the knee you are leaning on and your shin is comfortable on the pad, too.

Knee walkers come with either handle bars that turn or do not turn. Either type can be steered, but you will be able to turn a smaller curve with a Knee Walker with turnable handle bars. They have brakes for safety. Your Knee Walker may have a basket to put the things you need to carry with you, which eliminates this problem you would have while using crutches.

Knee Scooters are a great alternative to crutches, a mobility aid you should consider to make the best of a time when you may have to keep weight off one lower leg.

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