What are some of the accessories which can be helpful for wheelchair users?

Posted by Stacy Cohen on 30th Jul 2015

1. Anti-Tippers: Can be attached when the user is active and there may be some danger of falling, tipping, or falling out of the chair. Anti-Tippers make the wheelchair more stable. Sometimes anti-tippers are included as standard equipment on the wheelchair.

2. Seat Belt: Sometimes included on the wheelchair, they can also be purchased separately. A seat belt may be used to keep the user from sliding down or out of the wheelchair.

3. Brake Extensions: Helpful if the user has trouble reaching the brake on the wheelchair. Users with arthritis or other similar conditions may benefit from brake extensions.

4. Positioning Devices: Seat cushions, back cushions, laterals, back supports, and lap trays may help position the wheelchair user.

5. Carry Bags and Shelves: Seat back packs, an under the seat shelf, oxygen tank carrier, and arm rest bags can be attached to the wheelchair for convenience.

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