What is the difference between a Walker and a Rollator Walker?

Posted by Stacy Cohen on 16th Jul 2015

First, let's consider why a walker might be needed. A walker is essentially a tool that allows an individual to continue to move about on their own, safely and securely, when age or physical impairment might limit movement. They are useful when a cane does not provide enough support and the individual is able to walk on his or her own, and so does not need a wheelchair.

For example, when my father was 90, my father began using a rollator walker. He had been a life long athlete, very physically able. He was still going to the gym at least four days a week, doing both strength and aerobic exercises. He began to trip when walking and he fell a few times and had trouble standing up after falling. I was concerned about him and I contacted his doctor. We decided to convince him to use a walker so he could continue to be independent.

What is a Walker?

Most walkers have four legs and they allow the user to take some of their weight off their legs while walking and putting some of their weight on their arms. Walkers also help with balance. Walkers may have wheels on the front two legs for people who do not have the strength to lift the walker off the ground when moving forward. Walkers are usually lightweight and may fold, so they are easy transport and store.

What is a Rollator Walker?

Rollators are basically walkers with wheels on all the walker legs. They may have three or four legs. Since they have wheels on all the legs, for safety they also have a brake. In addition to the brake, they may have a seat the user can sit on when the brake is engaged and they need to sit. Though it is tempting, Rollators should not be used as wheelchairs, to push the person sitting on the seat, unless you have one that was designed for this use, a Rollator Transport Chair Hybrid.  

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