Will Medicare Pay for My Scooter or Power Wheelchair?

Will Medicare Pay for My Scooter or Power Wheelchair?

Posted by Richard Cohen on 27th Feb 2019

If you have Medicare Part B you may be able to get a POV, a power operated vehicle which include scooters and power wheelchairs, and Medicare will pay will pay 80% of the cost. You or your secondary insurance has to pay 20%. Here is the information you need to find out if you qualify.

  • You have a condition or disease which makes you unable to walk.
  • Your ability to walk is limited.
  • You cannot use a cane, a walker, or manual wheelchair to get around in your house. You are unable to perform “activities of daily living” such as getting to the kitchen, or the bathroom, you are unable to bathe, dress or eat without assistance. If you are able to get around in your home but need it to go shopping or other places outside, Medicare will not pay for it.
  • You can safely operate the POV without injuring yourself or anyone else in your path.
  • The POV is not too large to get through doors or navigate around furniture.

If you think you might qualify, you must see your doctor for a special appointment which Medicare calls a “Face to Face Exam.” If you meet all the conditions that are set by Medicare, (in other words, you pass the exam,) the doctor will submit a “Written Order” explaining to Medicare why you qualify and that you can use it safely.

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