For Scooters and Wheelchairs: Basic Canopy in Adult or Children Sizes

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Basic Canopy
Basic Canopy For Both Mobility Scooters and Power Wheel Chairs

Available in:

Adult Size Gray Color--- C2410
Adult Size Red Color--- C2310
Adult Size Blue Color--- C2210
Adult Size Teal Color--- C2110

Pediatric Size Teal Color--- C1110
Pediatric Size Blue Color--- C1210
Pediatric Size Red Color--- C1310
Pediatric Size Gray Color--- C1410

Please tell us your size, color, and what type of wheelchair or scooter you are mounting the canopy to when you purchase your canopy.


Universal canopy with fabric all around the sides, top and back allows both protection from the sun, increased ventilation and visibility.  One of the WeatherBreaker Canopies from Diestco Manufacturing.  Mounts to most Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs.  If you have any questions, please contact us before purchase and we can tell you whether it will work on your scooter or wheelchair.  Available in Adult or Pediatric sizes and in 4 colors!

Other canopies are available including a model with Vented Sides for better air circulation and visibility and the Max Protection Model with extra protection from the wind and rain.  They are in our Store for your purchase if you are interested.


We sell many of these products.  If only one color is acceptable for your product, please call or email us to verify that your color choice is available at the time you want to make a purchase.  If necessary, we will hold the product in the color you wish.  Payment for a product on hold must be made within 24 hours, or there is no longer a guarantee the product is available in the color of your choice.  Thank you for your understanding.

When you choose to purchase a canopy, please let us know what manufacturer and model of wheelchair or scooter you are ordering the canopy for and we will send you the proper hardware to attach the canopy.  The initial mounting time is approximately 15 to 20 minutes and it is easy to put the canopy on and remove it.

Mounting hardware for your vehicle make/model is included.  Please specify your scooter or wheelchair when  ordering.

Please look at our Store for more accessories for use with Scooters and Wheelchairs.

Please email or call us on our Toll-Free number 888-972-2300 with any questions before buyingIf you are calling from outside the USA please call 714-557-5500.

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